Frequently asked questions

How do I enrol on a course?

Click the enquire button which will generate an email to us. We'll tell you if there are places available and answer any questions you may have. We'll then add your name to the class list to enrol you.

How do I pay for a course?

Once you are enroled we'll send you a payment request. We take direct payments into our bank account and we can also process cheques.

I haven't done much or any creative writing, can I join a course?

Yes, please do! We have lots of creative writers who are just starting out. Our Creative Writing Foundation is a great place to start, but all courses apart from Prioritise Your Writing and our upcoming Editing and Submission course are open to complete beginners.

Can I take more than one course at a time?

Yes, absolutely. It's not unusual at Writing Room for people to be on several options and to come along to our drop-ins too, making a productive week of writing.

If I can't come to every session, do I have to pay for the whole course?

Yes, but don't worry - the tutors will fill you in on what you missed via email including any exercises set in class and/or to be done at home.

Is there homework?

Most courses involve a commitment to producing your own writing and to reading other participants’ work during the week. Introduction to Creative Writing and Finding the Poem include optional suggestions for writing exercises you can do in your own time. Most courses have suggested reading and it's up to you as to whether you follow these up. The more you put in, the more you get out but we understand many people are juggling a lot. The main thing is to come along and get writing!

Do I have to read my work out loud? Do I have to share my work at all?

We never insist anyone reads aloud or shares work if they would prefer not to on that particular day. But our writers find sharing, and giving and receiving helpful feedback, is a really enriching part of the process. As soon as you experience Writing Room’s positive, supportive atmosphere we’re confident you’ll feel happy to play a full part.

Can I ask my tutor to read my work outside of course time?

Not unless they have specifically offered to do so. Take a look at our mentoring services if you’re interested in working one to one with a tutor. 

Do you offer a concessionary rate?

No. We try to keep the course price as affordable as possible for all. We also add value to every course through our Pay What You Can drop-in groups and events. Otherwise we offer bursary places and you can read about those here.

Do you have diverse authors on your reading lists?

Yes we do! Our tutors are known for their richly diverse, international suggested reading. We also love to hear your recommendations and we share these in our sessions.

How can I stop people copying my ideas?

This thought troubles some new writers but in reality everyone on your course will be brimming with their own ideas and focusing on how to make them come to life. Nobody can do justice to your ideas like you can and we’ll support you to write your story, your way.

What if I have to withdraw from a course?

Unforseen things happen and sometimes people who have signed up and paid for a course can no longer come, or have to pull out mid-way. Regrettably we cannot refund a course fee, or transfer a course place, once someone has paid. We are a small non-profit organisation. Courses go ahead based on numbers of people signing up.

If a course is full, can I join a waiting list?

Yes, we always hold waiting lists and will get in touch if a course place becomes available.

How do I give feedback about my course?

After every course we ask students to let us know how they got on. We always like to monitor how we are doing and see where improvements can be made. Some great ideas have come in this way and we've been able to respond by making adjustments or offering new options.

Why are you so interested in biscuits and hot drinks?

Ok that's a reasonable question based on our photographs. Almost all of the shots on this site were taken by the talented Ruth Guthrie and feature our students and tutors meeting in person to capture the feel of Writing Room. We used to offer a lot of hot drinks and biscuits when we had a real room, so it was only right that they featured in the photoshoot! And who doesn’t respond well to the odd inspirational custard cream?

Writing Room is a registered Community Interest Company: a non-profit arts organisation committed to serving the interests of our diverse community of creative writers.

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